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Any tips on wiring for a 240V charging station?

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I am currently dragging an extension cord across the driveway to charge my 2017 Volt at 120V. I have been working with an electrician to do something more permanent, bearing in mind that I will want to do 240V in the near future.

Are there electrical code gotchas my electrician and I need to know? I was thinking of a 240V/30A dryer-type receptacle in some kind of weatherproof enclosure at the corner of my porch. I was going to make a wooden box big enough to house the receptacle and the charger.

I tried to read the electrical code myself (NEC Article 625), but it's pretty tough reading. At least I know the driveway has adequate ventilation! (625 spends a lot time talking about ventilation)

Thank you. I'm a new member of the forum, and my search queries didn't seem to find an old post that addresses this.

Charles H.
Raleigh, NC
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I'm not that familiar with the details of electrical code, but I remember reading that there aren't really approved outdoor 240V outlets, so the enclosure will be important. On the other hand, every modern RV park has dozens of NEMA 14-50 outlets outside in enclosures, so clearly there are well established solutions.

If you're going to the expense of running an outside 240V, I would recommend a 14-50 as well. Because of RVs (and maybe Tesla a little,) it's turning into the 240V universal standard for the U.S. (to the extent that there is one.) That's what most pluggable 240V EVSEs have, and every Tesla ships with a UMC adapter for it. It's the most future proof option you can buy today.
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