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replacing J1772 cable on SPX Voltec (5 lead) with a 4 lead J1772?

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My Voltec spx J1772 failed, the head is loose and I thought I might as well swap for a 25 feet non-coiled J1772. When my part came in it has 4 leads and I'm confused as to how to install it. As anyone done this?

Any help is greatly appreciated. If all else fails, I'll have to buy a new L2 charger which I'm hoping to avoid.

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White Black Green = Red Black Green

Grey with Purple stripe is supposed to be the LED

Black with Purple stripe is supposed to be the pilot signal which would connect to blue.

My charger was torn off the car when parked in a garage. Rather than shell out 400 for a new kit, I bought a replacement J1772 cord for 100$ and plug from Leviton. Built a wiring block to test the correct color coding of wires for the splice (called Leviton who could not "officially" tell me the correct splice) and also trolled these forums. When I was finished I had a charger cable 2x as long that works like a charm. Discovered the following is the correct splice and charges the car:

Levitron to VOLTEC

Green to Green
Black to Black
Red to White
Orange to Black w Purple Stripe

leaving...Grey with Purple stripe for VOLTEC. DO NOT CONNECT.

The Grey with Purple stripe is used for the LED light on the former charger plug. The Levitron plug does not come with a light.
If you connect the BLUE to Grey/Purple the VOLTEC charger will give you green lights but will not charge the car! I found this out the hard way completing the splice only to have to go back and figure out why it was not charging.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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