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You're not going to like this site

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One of those cars looks familiar.
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Wow, now I'm really glad I got a gen1 Volt.
Gen 1 and Gen 2 cars are really completely different. Gen 1 is over designed and build with no real cost target. It had to be done in 3 years and cost was not a real consideration. GM broke all their rules to design and produce the Gen 1 Volt. It's a unicorn for GM. A car like this will probably never be produced again by GM. The Gen 2 was a revision to everything with the goal to reduce the cost by $10,000. The Gen 2 is more of a normal GM car- which is why it may have more issues. I'm sure if you compare a Gen 2 to any Tesla the quality difference of the Gen 2 would be crazy in favor of the Gen 2. The sad fact is the Gen 1 never gets credit for the ground breaking car it is. LM Chem batteries exist because of the Volt. No other car does what the Volt does. Every Volt owner should read up on the development history of the Volt. I's an amazing story and would give you a real appreciation of the car you drive.
lol That middle finger Facebook icon would make a great tatoo.

The whole thing reads to me like the first-off-the-assembly line blues. Same for any first-of-breed car. My 2005 Toyota Tacoma is much worse. (It hasn't caught on fire or driven itself off a cliff. ...yet. The think is 13 years old and I'm in a fight with the dealer now about their botched frame replacement from one of the class actions on the vehicle.)

There is a good point about the wheels. They are delicate little flowers. I hit a curb cut wrong and BAM - $750. (The rim bent and sliced the sidewall of the tire.) I'll be buying a new set of wheels for snow tires so I can always keep one set on the car and another set at the rim repair shop.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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