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You're not going to like this site

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One of those cars looks familiar.
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I don't see the recalls as a problem, I see the dealer as the problem.

The fire was very likely caused by either gasoline or oil dripping on a hot ICE manifold. I suspect it could have been the result of all the dealer dicking around.

Regarding 5 bent wheels? The wheels are not made from aluminum foil. I'd suspect potholes.
Wow, now I'm really glad I got a gen1 Volt.
I raelly like my 2011 with 96k miles on it as well. Maintenance costs so far total ~$500. What an awful car, lol.
How did this thread begin???
Did you not see post #1? No mystery, Mr. Dave posted it. That's how it began.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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