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You're not going to like this site

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One of those cars looks familiar.
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The only thing that proves is that anyone can make a website. One Chevy Volt catches on fire and he hears from one other person who claims to have had a fire and suddenly the Chevy Volt sucks. No, the only thing we can discern is that his Chevy Volt sucks. Like already mentioned, there are lemons in every model. I don't see the forums lighting up with "my Volt spontaneously combusted" followed by the bandwagon effect of "me too", "and me".

Gen 2 Volt sales appear to be around 35,000 based on these figures:

So if we know about two fires, that's 2 of 35,000 or about six one thousandths of a percent. Apparently the latest metric is to estimate how many cars will catch fire per billion miles driven:

Elon Musk quoted 4 to 5 Teslas catch fire every billion miles compared to 55 per billion for ICE cars. Since the Volt is a hybrid, you would expect the number of Volts catching fire per billion miles to be somewhere in the 4 to 55 car fires per billion miles range.

So if we take the 35,000 gen 2 sales and make an estimate that the average mileage for any given gen 2 Volt is around 10,000 miles (seems reasonable... may be on the low side), then gen 2 Volts have travelled a collective 350 million miles. So two gen 2 Volts catching fire in 350 million miles equates to about 6 car fires per billion miles travelled for the Volt.

Seems well within the expected risk in the car industry. In fact, it's on the low side. So even if the number is 4x that "what we know" figure of two and instead, eight Volts have caught fire, that's still only 23 car fires per billion miles travelled: roughly half the average of 55 per billion for ICE vehicles.

I think I've heard about people having a bad experience with one particular thing in a group, and then generalized to say that the whole group sucks. Hmm. Can't think of the word for it right now. ;)

In any case, one guy having a fire and finding an anectodal second person who has had a fire in a gen 2 certainly doesn't warrant a web page. Wouldn't really surprise me if GM sued him for defamation either.

And no... I'm not ignoring all the other problems he had: I'm just focusing on the fire because that seems to be the focus of the page (safety). Like someone else said, that multitude of problems is likely partly caused by a bad dealer.

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1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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