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You're not going to like this site

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One of those cars looks familiar.
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Sounds to me like a dealership problem. I do wonder how he managed to bend four rims so quickly.
The likelihood that this guy got 4 defective rims seems...suspect. To me, this clearly seems to be someone with an agenda. He's glomming together issues allegedly from his own experience with every other possible bad experience he's heard of.
On top of that they'd have to be really out of round as I had an out of round rim on my Cruze and Discount Tire was able to balance it properly anyway.
At the end of the CNN Money article is a really good point - we've had 130 years to make gasoline/diesel cars safer from fire and that EVs are just at the start of that learning curve. Given this and the already documented lower risk of EV fires we'll see car fires go from "newsworthy if it stops traffic" to "always newsworthy" simply because of their rarity.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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