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Your Opinions about GM

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Hello all. I work for GM, and am interested in knowing what your opinions are about the company, both relative to the Volt and in general. Do you talk to others about GM (or its brands)? If so, what do you say?

I'm also interested in knowing what you currently drive, and why. Thanks very much for any info you care to share.
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Did you get an answer about the GM credit card use for the Volt? If not maybe you or I could start a new thread about it. Several here have discussed interest in it.
GM only has cash from the fire sale of it's assets, of which it has none left. (Think GMAC). If you look at their annual burn rate on cash for the past few years it has been around 8 billion a year....'non-recession'. It's like you being unemployed and selling your car for 20K to keep making payments on your 300k mortgage.
And if GM goes under 10 billion in cash, the stock is worth a dollar, there is widespread panic because everyone knows it can't keep the lights on for more than a year. The only thing floating the market cap at all is it's cash.
It's net tangible assets have gone from 10.2 billion in 05 to -38 billion in 07. They basically sold off all their assets to offset rampant liabilities. Assets went from 476 billion to pay down liabilities from 461 to 185.
When a company has 24 billion in cash, but it's market capitalization is only 11 billion? It's not good.
Ford is worse, that is true. Sold Jag off to Tata yesturday to pick up almost 2 billion in cash...but much like GM that is a desperation cash grab move.
Chrsyler's fate relies less on market realities and more on the willingness of Cerberus to keep it viable rather than cutting it up and cutting their losses.
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1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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