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Your Opinions about GM

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Hello all. I work for GM, and am interested in knowing what your opinions are about the company, both relative to the Volt and in general. Do you talk to others about GM (or its brands)? If so, what do you say?

I'm also interested in knowing what you currently drive, and why. Thanks very much for any info you care to share.
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GM on the rise

I've been a GM credit card holder since 1990 but that has been because this credit card had the best financial incentive. I had just gotten an Audi A4 and had driven a Buick Skyhawk before that. GM had many brands and I assumed there would always be a car that matched my needs. I've bought 2 cars with savings, a GMC Jimmy in 1998 and a Pontiac Vibe in 2006.

In the mid 90's, I followed EV's developments pretty closely and came to the conclusion that hybrids were the practical mass market vehicle at that time. Since GM had the leading technology with the EV1, I assumed they would come out early with hybrids. By 1998, I gave up waiting and bought the Jimmy. By 2006 my earnings were maxed out and I bought the Vibe to carry me to the first mass produced plug-in. I had pretty much given up on GM, but the last couple of years have been encouraging. I look forward to using credit card discount on the Volt in 2010 (fingers crossed). GM WILL allow GM card holders to use their savings to buy the Volt, correct? I wanted to ask this question at Voltnation but everyone was pretty well cornered the whole time.
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I never did get (make) the chance to ask it. I wanted to pose it to the Chevy VP(?) but he was ushered out as I was waiting my turn. I'm hoping it was included on Nasaman's list and that GM answers, but I've got the feeling they be dancing with this one until the price is locked. Don't see them locking a price until the last minute. As gas, government incentives, and commodity prices go up, so will the Volt's MSRP. That's why I like your credo.
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