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Yet Another Tire Rant

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Pulling into my yard last night I got another Low Tire Pressure warning. I bought my 2013 Volt just over 1 month ago and this is the second puncture.

I attempted to plug the current hole, but no luck. There is a tear about 1/2 inch long right in the thin spot between the treads. The rasp from the plug kit went through it like it was tissue paper.

So now I'm waiting for AAA to haul Victor off to a local tire shop to be fitted with four brand-spankin'-new Bridgestone Ecopia 422 Plus at the OEM size.

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I have had four flats in less than three years. One was caused by a road hazard, the others sidewall failures. My friends have had similar experience.

The OEM Goodyears on Gen 1 Volts are made of Kleenex. The fact that some posters have managed not to experience this does not mean they are OK. The large number of posters reporting problems shows there was a problem. As does the fact that GM dumped them for Gen 2

My solution was to buy a warrantee from America's tire after the first sidewall failure. All the rest they replaced for free.
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