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Yet Another Tire Rant

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Pulling into my yard last night I got another Low Tire Pressure warning. I bought my 2013 Volt just over 1 month ago and this is the second puncture.

I attempted to plug the current hole, but no luck. There is a tear about 1/2 inch long right in the thin spot between the treads. The rasp from the plug kit went through it like it was tissue paper.

So now I'm waiting for AAA to haul Victor off to a local tire shop to be fitted with four brand-spankin'-new Bridgestone Ecopia 422 Plus at the OEM size.

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The OEM Goodyear tires have been a sore point for many Volt owners. They are noisy, prone to punctures ( at least they appear to be that way ) and wear on the tread shoulders too fast and many have had cracking issues. The only plus seems to be that they did provide low rolling resistance thus good battery mileage.

Everyone who has replaced tires has noticed a small hit to mileage for the first few thousand miles but then it seems to largely return to normal mileage. Of course, with all of the other variables it is hard to be exact.

Also, everyone who has replaced the OEM's with something different have noticed better handling and a quieter ride.

For the cost of new tires, you will certainly have some peace of mind (unless of course the roads you travel are littered with nails).
FWIW, the Ecopia 422+ tires got back all the miles I was hoping to in about 1000 miles, and at least part of that was probably just waiting for spring to thaw. I'd been getting 42-44 on the estimator in fall on the shoulder-worn Goodyears, bought the Ecopias in January, and by April the low 40s estimates were happening again. (Still have never seen higher than 45 at unplug, but I'm not exactly TRYING hard.)
as in one is useful, and one isn't?
as in "Of course they're different prices. They're providing different kinds of service". AAA will do bugger all to help you find where you parked your car, and won't stop it if someone drives off with it.
Oh boy! That's worth $160 more a year!
Service for the forgetful, and the wishful thinkers that actually believe someone is going to steal a volt.
If it's not worth it to you, that's fine. All you gotta do is not subscribe and sit on your hands when someone else is talking about a feature you choose not to use. You don't have to prove your mettle here by ****ting on other people's choices.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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