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Main takeaway? It's a great car. Not it's a great electric car, or a great "green" car, but a great car period.
Other reviews have said the same thing. In fact, didn't Motor Trend say that in giving it Car of the Year award?

Headline says "It's A Fantastic Car". :)

Because many of the cars will be used in shared fleets like Lyft and Maven (GM’s own car-sharing brand), it’s also an opportunity to get more exposure for the Bolt and for the entire Chevy portfolio. “It’s a chance to get seats in seats,” said Batey, especially in cities, where Chevrolet is weakest. The hope is that riders will be impressed enough to check out buying a Chevy car themselves.
I think getting seats in seats is a good idea, though being a passenger is not as powerful as being the driver.

It’s so normal. It’s huge. It’s reassuring.
Despite being an EV, its not a "science experiment", it has lots of room for a car its class, and the 238 miles should aleviate range anxiety.

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Seems like GM has a hit on its hands. There hasn't been a reviewer that I know of who hasn't thought it was quite good. This could be the break through hit which the Volt should have been but wasn't.

But there is this: "Rather, what matters is what the car says about General Motors as a technology leader in the seismic shift toward clean, autonomous, shared mobility." Remind me again why GM needs CAFE changed?

GM is going to have to make a choice. There are 95 million Millennials and their number one concern is climate change. If GM wants to portray itself as a leader in clean technology and mobility, it needs to distance itself from the disastrous path of fighting CAFE. Having seen that movie before, you have to think everyone would know how that ends. If GM really thinks it's ahead on the technology front, and I think it is, then, given there is no penalty to selling larger vehicles since every vehicle gets its own footprint, it's to its advantage to let the game play out as is. The Volt, Malibu, CT6 hybrid, and now the Bolt EV are crushing the 2025 CAFE standards, and no other car company seems as well situated with respect to the technology.
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