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I need a Nano to reflash my Volt. If anyone has a used one they want to get rid of, let me know, otherwise I'll pay full price on Amazon I guess.

Or if you live in the Grand Rapids, MI area and want to loan me yours, pick your favorite case of beer for your trouble.
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To anyone reading this thread -- be careful. Someone reached out to me on here to sell me one and it ended up being a scam. Can't believe I fell for it. They wanted $100 through paypal's Friends and Family option, and something in my head said, "This sounds fake, I'd rather pay with the Goods and Services option, but I'll just pay half now and half later" which the user took graciously, then disappeared completely as their email addresses all went blank.

I just was astounded that an obscure car-specific message board wanted page would be a haven for scammers.
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