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WTB: 2014 or 2016 ELR fully loaded

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If you have one please let me know. I am looking for fully loaded with black exterior. The 2016's are all over priced according to KBB so I may have to just stick to 2014's.
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For rare out-of-production cars, prices can be all over the place. Good luck.
So the one you bought is R or S?

I would never buy one (now) without ACC. However, I didn't know what ACC was when I bought mine. It just came with it.

The 5th character of the VIN indicates the options.

L = base
M = luxury only
N = kona only
P = luxury & kona
R = luxury & adaptive cruise
S = luxury, kona & adaptive cruise

Saks editions do NOT have a special code, but, I believe they are the only ones in white.

Mine is an R. Red with tan interior. Seems like a lot of them are red.
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I drive in a lot of stop and go and when people would dart in front of me (which is all the time in the city) I would hit the brakes unsure if the car would be able to stop, but I didn't want to risk it. Not sure how well this ACC will perform in that type of situation.
About the same as you describe. I have to hit the brakes about 6 or 7 times in a 20-mi commute due to other drivers squeezing into my gap. Which disengages ACC. Resume is around 6mph if it was previously set.

It's still easier to use ACC than to do everything manually though.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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