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WTB: 2014 or 2016 ELR fully loaded

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If you have one please let me know. I am looking for fully loaded with black exterior. The 2016's are all over priced according to KBB so I may have to just stick to 2014's.
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Well prices have gone up since I initially started looking in May. Now I have no idea what I should be paying. I.E RS (Every option) with 14,000 miles sold for $31,000 in May. RS sold with 31,000 miles sold for $31,000 last week. What the heck.
I just emailed the about the one in Methuen,MA.lets see if its still available.
I'm sure it's still available, it's been sitting for a bit.

I want all the options which is the hard part and I believe regionally they are either in demand or aren't. There was a black one with luxury package plus Kona interior 10 miles from me for $34,000 with 9,700 miles. After several prices drops it got down to $30,000 and still didn't move. It ended up going back to the auction and was bought by a California Buick dealer and is now listed for $37,000. There is another one again local to me but from a private seller, 5,800 miles, CPO warranty Silver on Black luxury package and adaptive cruise control for $33,500 which I think is a descent deal. Maybe I should wait until the fall or winter where the market will drop but I'm thinking most will be available now as they are coming off lease.
Well I gave up looking for fully loaded black as I'm not paying more just because. I bought my second color choice of Graphite Metallic on Black with luxury and ACC,13,500 miles at $29,700 which was $1,600 below the lower fair value range according to KBB so I got a great deal. They listed the car last month for $34,000, had a buyer but couldn't get the buyer financed and put it back up at $30,400 for a quick sale as it was scheduled for auction for that following week. Some of these are selling at wholesale so for anyone who is looking be patient and hold off until the car is days away from being sent to the auction or priced competitively upfront for the best deal. I'm not a gray car person but the graphite metallic looked really good on this car, I hope I like it. I'm going to continue watching a black fully loaded just incase.
So the one you bought is R or S?

I would never buy one (now) without ACC. However, I didn't know what ACC was when I bought mine. It just came with it.

The 5th character of the VIN indicates the options.

L = base
M = luxury only
N = kona only
P = luxury & kona
R = luxury & adaptive cruise
S = luxury, kona & adaptive cruise

Saks editions do NOT have a special code, but, I believe they are the only ones in white.

Mine is an R. Red with tan interior. Seems like a lot of them are red.
RR, I mentioned ACC and luxury package above but should have just said RR but wasn't sure if people knew the vin codes, it made shopping a lot easier. I had ACC on my Audi and didn't realize is was there until a year later, I drive in a lot of stop and go and when people would dart in front of me (which is all the time in the city) I would hit the brakes unsure if the car would be able to stop, but I didn't want to risk it. Not sure how well this ACC will perform in that type of situation.
About the same as you describe. I have to hit the brakes about 6 or 7 times in a 20-mi commute due to other drivers squeezing into my gap. Which disengages ACC. Resume is around 6mph if it was previously set.

It's still easier to use ACC than to do everything manually though.
Not to happy with what happened with it today. A car in front of me switched lanes and so the car sped up really fast and I almost hit the car in front of me, I had to slam on the breaks. I thought the only problem I would have is when cars try to dart in front from of me, not cars leaving lanes. I had an A7 before this and the ACC on that car never did anything like this.
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