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WTB: 2014 or 2016 ELR fully loaded

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If you have one please let me know. I am looking for fully loaded with black exterior. The 2016's are all over priced according to KBB so I may have to just stick to 2014's.
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Not to happy with what happened with it today. A car in front of me switched lanes and so the car sped up really fast and I almost hit the car in front of me, I had to slam on the breaks. I thought the only problem I would have is when cars try to dart in front from of me, not cars leaving lanes. I had an A7 before this and the ACC on that car never did anything like this.
The AACC on this car and most GM products of that time is not very good IMO. Compared to Lexus or Lincoln (my most two current cars) it's night and day bad.

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