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WTB: 2014 or 2016 ELR fully loaded

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If you have one please let me know. I am looking for fully loaded with black exterior. The 2016's are all over priced according to KBB so I may have to just stick to 2014's.
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ACC doesn't work well in stop and go and rush hour traffic, it is great for daytime highway driving long distance with average traffic, not much more.

My local highways and interstates are all being widened and have been torn up and moved and lines redrawn a dozen times and the acc just beeps and gives up. My 2015 volt lane guidance did the same. It just plain got lost from all the old lines.

ACC is more of a show off thing that Isn't really useable in everyday situations. it doesn't handle people cutting you off or pulling out in front of you or people drifting around in lanes like they are drunk playing with the cell phones or radios or whatever. All of which are a daily occurrence here when I live in Gods waiting room of rich belligerent people in Vero beach fl.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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