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writer has question about battery SOC/recharge

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I'm writing an article about the Volt. I need a technically correct/sourced answer to a question. In a posting on this site from August '07 (NEW FACT: Volt generator starts when power hits 50%, stops again at 80%) it confirms that the generator (when running) will recharge the batteries to 80%. That means that only 20% of the charge will be available for recharging during the pug-in mode. This seems substantially less than is usually intimated. I understand this would only happen during usage cycles when the generator kicks in, but can someone either confirm this, or provide updated info?

Also, the actual electric energy consumption info I have found on this site states .3kwh/mile. This is the same as I have found stated for the Tesla Roadster, which is a much smaller vehicle with a substantially lower frontal area (drag). I am a bit skeptical about this claim for the Volt. If it's not true, range will be substantialy affected. Any comments?
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That contradicts the August posting, and it's not absolutely clear if that chart's baseline is zero. It makes sense, but ifanyone has more explicit info, I would be glad to see it. Thanks.
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