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writer has question about battery SOC/recharge

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I'm writing an article about the Volt. I need a technically correct/sourced answer to a question. In a posting on this site from August '07 (NEW FACT: Volt generator starts when power hits 50%, stops again at 80%) it confirms that the generator (when running) will recharge the batteries to 80%. That means that only 20% of the charge will be available for recharging during the pug-in mode. This seems substantially less than is usually intimated. I understand this would only happen during usage cycles when the generator kicks in, but can someone either confirm this, or provide updated info?

Also, the actual electric energy consumption info I have found on this site states .3kwh/mile. This is the same as I have found stated for the Tesla Roadster, which is a much smaller vehicle with a substantially lower frontal area (drag). I am a bit skeptical about this claim for the Volt. If it's not true, range will be substantialy affected. Any comments?
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Perhaps you can read the post I wrote about how the set points are calculated (I use the analogy of a barrel):

From my post you will understand that the set points will change depending on conditions and drivers. The numbers you presented would make no sense at all in most situations. You would ideally like to drive into your charging station at the lowest point of charge. Correct? Otherwise, you would be using gasoline where the grid electricity is more desirable.

Nobody here would be able to give you exact numbers, not even the Volt engineers, because those numbers will change after the final design is on the road and all of the software and testing has been completed. Additionally, the set points will change for different conditions including the aging of the battery pack. Finally, I think they will be using settings that are initially conservative in order to achieve 40 miles of capability at the end of the lifecycle of the battery. Many conditions, many changes. Sorry there is no easy answer.
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