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Wires pulled out of drivers door handle, anyone else?

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Has anyone else had a problem with the wires for the exterior unlock button getting snagged by the window workings and it get cut/broken? When I got in my '17 to go to lunch today I rolled all the windows down and the drivers side sounded like it tried to jump the tracks or something. It bound up for a second then it made a loud bang and it released and finished going down. It's actually made this sound on me a few times over the year I've had it.

Getting back in the car to go back to work the button on the door handle wouldn't unlock it. Drivers rear door button didn't work either. Passengers side buttons work fine. Pulled the door panel off and looked in there, sure enough part of the harness was dangling in there and the other end of the wires were hanging out barely visible in the back of the door handle module. :mad:

Had it a little over a year, 10,400 miles (short commute) and now I get to try out the local dealer for the first time. :eek:

Do the handles on the gen2's have to get painted when they are replaced or does the painted part swap over?
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