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The liner that holds the phone against the front edge of the phone charging slot is too thick on the front, it creates distance which makes wireless charging not work. It's also a bit tight around the edges to fit with my case (and removing the case is WAY more inconvenient than plugging in, so if you have to do that there's no point in wireless charging).

However, if I remove the rubber liner and hold the phone against the front of the charger, it works great. I'm thinking there could be a better design for the liner - perhaps with no front, and more gentle "springs" pushing the phone forward and centered. Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?

I'm thinking maybe I can find some sort of padding or packaging material to pad the back and side walls to custom fit it to my phone, obviously has to be non-metallic. It would also have to manage heat dissipation well too.

Then all we have to do is wait for Android Auto to allow bluetooth-only connections and it will work the way I expected it to work - just drop the phone into the slot and everything's ready to go.
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