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If your having trouble getting replacement wipers to fit (Pic 1); check the security tab for clearance issues. I had to file mine down a bit to get my replacements to fit. (Pic 4)

Hello All,

Little over a year into my 2015 Volt ownership and it's time to replace the wipers.
I purchased Bosch Evolutions. The driver's side went on just fine but the passenger side was being a beast.... (Pic 1)

Frustrated I retrieved an old wiper to instal while I figured out why the new one wasn't fitting. Oddly, the old wiper did the same thing. so I retrieved the other one, and it went on just fine. At this point I was convinced they are keyed blades.

Several searches later I got a mixed bag of answers.
Too frustrated to give up, I tried reversing the mount on the new wipers. No luck.
Then I tried putting only the new mount on the car (Pic 2).

Throughly confused now; I grabbed the old wipers and looked at them side by sided (Pic 3).
Notice how the plastic is roughed on the left wiper.

I took a file to the security tab (Pic 4) and was able to successfully instal the new wiper (Pic 5)

Complete waste of an hour....



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