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What if there were a spring / mass system, in which it took the typical amount of energy to kick it into motion, but then took only a little energy to overcome the friction / resistance of the system?

If the mass was a magnet in an inductor coil, and springs were attached to both ends of the magnet, then an electric pulse would push the magnet to one end, and it would oscillate from end to end, with small pulses boosting back and forth, like a child on a swing. If there were rods on both ends of the magnet, connected to the wipers, then they would oscillate back and forth, providing the resistance in the system.

There are also electrical analogs to this approach, sloshing energy back and forth between capacitors, and the energy would pass through the inductors, turning the magnets clockwise and counter clockwise, turning the wipers.

Such a system might save overall power to move the wipers.
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