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Windscreen wiper question- sweeping water back onto the windscreen

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We've had our volt for a few years now, and we've noticed at consistently when we're using the windscreen wipers and there's plenty of rain being swept from the glass, both blades seem to pull the water back onto the windscreen after sweeping the water to the edge. It's often that after the blade moves back from the edge of the windscreen to return to the centre of the glass to sweep again, about 6 inches wide or more of water is pulled back towards the drivers field of view, and also the same on the passenger side.

It's rained so infrequently here over the last year that I'd forgotten about it for awhile, but my wife mentioned it to me again today, and we're wondering if it's an adjustment, or if they're all just like that.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I've had a look through the forum and I couldn't find any other posts raising the issue.


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Hi again,

They're all good suggestions. The blades have been replaced a few times and it's continued to do it, so I'll see whether or not it does it when the vehicle isn't moving, and I'll double check that the wipers are on the right sides. I was pondering after reading your replies whether or not its a function of the airflow over the windscreen. I'll do some checks while the car's not moving and see how it goes. The hose should do the trick.

More news shortly.


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