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Windows still very wet after rolling up/down

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I've only driven a Nissan Maxima and a Dodge Caravan but with both of them, whenever I rolled the windows down then up, it would wipe away any water on the outside and any condensate on the inside of the window.

On my Volt, I've noticed this isn't the case. The windows come up pretty much wet. Even when it's dry out, if it rained at least 1/2" on the previous day, when I roll my windows down then up, the windows are wet on the outside. This happens to all 4 rollable windows on my Volt.

On my old cars, I could even press against the window as I was rolling it down/up to squeegee even more water, getting the window pretty darn close to dry. I haven't tried this on my Volt yet, but will do tomorrow.

I find it incredibly annoying since on a dry day, I have to roll the windows up/down for many cycles (say 10+) with breaks between up/down cycles so the windows can air-dry. I think something inside the door is holding water like a sponge that is slowly depositing it back onto the window after it's dry.

Anyone have the same experience?
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I've owned somewhere around 30 cars and have driven hundreds. It's a 50/50 split if side window water is reduced or squeegeed
away by cycling the window. ELR not so much. Window treatment with a water repeller helps. I use Rain-X.
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