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Window glare problem for some Bolts?

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Premier trimmings with the Light Ash Gray interior motif are plagued by near-blinding dashboard reflections. The angle of the windshield—combined with the light gray dashboard color—reflects the light gray color back and creates significant glare on sunny days.
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Volt owners have this issue with the Brandy/Black Gen II Volt interior. Polarized sunglasses for daytime, an inexpensive dash mat (available from multiple sources including eBay sellers) for all of the time. Here is a related thread from the Gen II Volt Forum:

Also, this thread:

Because the Bolt is so new the dash mat sellers may not have had a chance to create a template for the Bolt dashboard. You might want to contact a few sellers and ask if they can create a dash mat for the Bolt, or when they expect to be able to offer the dash mat for the Bolt.
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