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Wind Power

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I haven't read anything about this yet so I'll throw it out there. Wind is a great source of power, and it would seem so especially for a vehicle. An automobile traveling 30 mph creates far more "wind" then that which commonly occurs in nature. Perhaps there could be a scoop built into the body or grill to direct the wind to a fan powered generator or alternator. If built with an inlet and outlet, from my perspective, it wouldn't take away from any of the power produced and would provide "free" energy. Please let me know your opinion of the idea.
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We are doomed. . .

As an engineer with a degree in physics, I just want to weep about the dismal state of science education in this country. Reading posts promoting ideas that violate the laws of thermodynamics can be amusing, but if you consider the underlying reason, it is so very sad. :(

We need creative thought based on a firm understanding of basic scientific principles.

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Well I see what you are saying. I was thinking more along the lines of pulling the wind from the grill area, ducted to the fan. Or would this still increase the overall drag?

Yes, there is no free lunch. You can search wind power using the above search tool. Every question you have is probably there. Did you like the video? I just love the look of pride on their faces!
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