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Wind Buffeting Kit

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Wanted to share some information I received yesterday on the wind buffeting kit for 1st gen Volts. If you're like me and like driving with the windows down when it's nice weather, you probably noticed the Volt has a terrible wind noise problem. Chevy has a solution which is free if you are still under your factory warranty. It's a wind buffeting kit that replaces a couple of pieces (cover of side mirrors and a piece on the door) that really helps with this problem. Dealers are usually clueless about the fix and may push back because it's a non-rev repair. I would recommend calling your Volt Adviser and asking them to connect with the dealership service department to give them the warranty code to replace the parts. I had it done on my 2012 Volt and it really worked well. When I traded for a 2015 Volt, I didn't realize how much I would miss driving with the windows down until it turned nice outside. Now I want it back on my 2015. I think it's only available for 1st gen models. It you don't drive around with your windows open that much, don't waste your time. But if the wind buffeting sound really gets to you, there's a solution.
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My dealer quote $700 to do it on my 2013. I of course said NO.
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