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I have a spare tire in my garage that I'd like to use it as a spare for my 2018 volt. It is a new spare sitting my garage for a while but never been used. But I am having a hard time trying to figure out the offset number from the engraved information from the tire or rim.

It is a firestone spare tire. These are the texts engraved:

On the Tire:
T115/70R16 92M
Tubeless radial
3116 UU BM30431-2
Dot wbp3 h5u 3305

On the rim:
16x4 T K4 31 021606 USA DOT T

But I don't know which number is the offset or how do I know the offset for this spare from this information? Can I measure it myself?

I saw MilliVolt post where he used Compact tire: Maxxis T115/70R16 92M tire on 16x4 wheel with 5x105mm lug pattern and 42mm offset.

Is my firestone spare close enough for this? Please let me know if you need pics of it.
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