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Why no ice/gen only cars?

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If the volt is predicted to get 50 mpg when operating in it's range extender mode, why don't we have more vehicles made like that without the battery aspect? Locomotives have been doing it for a long time. This is OLD technology, but was never implemented into cars. Why don't we have cars that are purely electric drive with an ice/gen combo to power the whole thing. Weight and cost would be reduced with no battery to muck around with. I wondered about this several years ago. Most hybrids use the engine as part of the drivetrain and a motor to suplement it, correct?
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I was taking a look at the Volt because I liked the concept styling (which I've read here, I might be disappointed in the actual styling?) and because it looked like I could get 50 mpg. The way I would use the car, I would rather not plug it in at all (I know why am I here then :rolleyes:)
That's the whole point of the Volt. the first 40 miles or so of a trip cost a couple of dimes while each 50 miles after cost a few dollars.
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