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Why EREVs might still be a better option for some.

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I found this video pretty interesting. Personally, I think most of this experience is owed to poor trip planning by the owner, but it is an example of how someone with a busy schedule and long trips can be impacted by owning a BEV.

Ironically, he might have saved himself time by backtracking west and recharging at the Burbank Supercharger, but oh well. First world problems.

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Daytime charging while enroute makes no sense to me and it will fairly soon be obsoleted by longer EV range and standardized battery exchange. (EREV will similarly be obsoleted, but is currently the way to go for many of us.)
I don't see battery exchange ever becoming a viable model... the logistics suck. But within 10-15 years, the capable range should at least double from today's, and that may tip things away from en route charging for many trips, and may make EREVs a harder sell for most. I still really like the EREV model and plan on keeping one for at least that long.
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