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Why EREVs might still be a better option for some.

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I found this video pretty interesting. Personally, I think most of this experience is owed to poor trip planning by the owner, but it is an example of how someone with a busy schedule and long trips can be impacted by owning a BEV.

Ironically, he might have saved himself time by backtracking west and recharging at the Burbank Supercharger, but oh well. First world problems.

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Why would you check into a hotel without destination charging if you have a Tesla? Why if you chose a hotel without destination charging would you wait to charge until the next morning rather than getting it over with before going to bed?

I am only 2 min into the video and have already concluded the guy is not savvy on how to live with a BEV.


OK, at 2 min 30 seconds he explained why he didn't charge before bed... he had his kid out with him until 2:00 AM doing a video shoot. <sigh>
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