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Why doesn't regen post miles to my EV capacity when it is zeroed out.

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When I have exhausted the electric range I don't see new miles posted to the range. Am I still getting regen benefits?
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At least on my Gen1 I have been able to "game" the EV range. On a trip that included a 4k ft increase in elevation and a return back down. I put the Volt in "Mountain Mode" from the start of the trip up as well as all driving at elevation. As soon as I started back down I put the Volt in "Normal" driving in EV + regen, and then back to MM when I encountered some up hill sections and range dropped to about 5 miles. When I started down hill again back to Normal. In this case all miles driven on the ICE while in MM were counted as GAS miles and all miles driven in Normal (EV + regen) were counted as EV battery miles. The result was 68.6 EV miles and 74.9 gas miles (2.48 gal = 30.2 mpg) - great EV miles, poor gas economy. Without having "Hold Mode" it's the only way I've been able to figure out how to boost the EV miles taking advantage of regen on a trip like this. Admittedly it is "gaming" the system - sort of.

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