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Why doesn't regen post miles to my EV capacity when it is zeroed out.

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When I have exhausted the electric range I don't see new miles posted to the range. Am I still getting regen benefits?
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Regenerative braking was designed as an alternative to friction braking for electric cars. That it also recharges the battery is a bonus, but it’s called regenerative braking, not regenerative refueling. Braking is performed in all modes of driving, and the use of that regen increases the efficiency of the driving mode under which it was created.

The Gen 1 Volt has been said to allow the driver to experience electric driving when using grid power from the battery, and "electric-like" driving when using gas-generated electricity. The energy usage screen allows the owner to evaluate the Volt’s performance under the two "electric" modes of operation. For the Gen 1 Volt, 100% of the odometer miles are in this sense "electric" miles. It is unclear why using gas-generated electricity to fuel an electric car’s electric motor is not considered "electric" driving.
Sorry, Steverino, if my posting was unclear. I was musing why an electric car must be powered by grid electricity to be considered as "driving on electricity" (are fuel cell car distances called "hydrogen" miles?). The Gen 1 Volt uses a gas generator to create electricity as fuel for the electric motor to propel the car in extended range mode. In doing so, the Gen 1 Volt continues to run on electricity after the battery is fully depleted.

The Gen 1 Volt’s energy usage screen identifies distances driven on grid electricity as "electric" miles and distances driven on gas-generated electricity as "gas" miles. I think that’s intended to enable the owner to use the "electric" stats to compare the Volt’s performance as an electric car (using grid power) to any Tesla, Leaf, or other BEV, rather than to separate "grid-powered" miles from "ICE-is-on-and-using-gas" miles (lots of battery-powered miles are recorded as "Gas" miles). I suspect this failure to clarify that the Volt switches from grid power to gas-generated power when the battery is depleted, and doesn’t just switch from electric motor propulsion to gas engine propulsion, helped promote the development of the Gen 2 Volt as a gas hybrid car, rather than as a more powerful gas-generated-electricity-powered car, when in Extended Range Mode.

As for regen attribution, it actually seems a bit more complicated than we want it to be. Braking regeneration on level terrain (as distinct from downhill regen) recaptures some of the battery power used to accelerate the car, it doesn’t recapture battery power used to maintain speed. If you accelerate in Normal, you’re using grid power. If you then switch to Hold Mode (or fully deplete your battery), and THEN slow down, the regen is technically recapturing the grid electricity from the wall that was used to accelerate the car way back when, but since the braking (regen capture) was done while driving in Hold (or after all your grid power has been used), the use of that regen is then credited to Gas miles.
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