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Who Knows the BEST Lease Deal Available This MONTH on a New Volt Premier?

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What's the Best Lease Deal Available This MONTH on a New Volt Premier?
I have seen 0 Down near $300 a month in the past....NOT even close now ($370 to 420 mo now). Need 15k Miles.
I need to replace my Fusion Energi Titanium this month.
Where is the BEST Lease Deal Offered on a New Loaded Volt Premier?
Appreciate everyones Help .....I am in California....PLEASE ADVISE...
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One thing you can count on is the more picky about trim and features and color, the more you have to pay. Some Volts get larger discounts than others, so if you want the lowest price (which may or may not be the "best deal") you'll need to be flexible. The other thing you can count on is that, no matter what deal you get, some random guy on the internet will say they got a better one!

In SoCal Rydell (a sponsor of this forum) and Keyes move the largest number of Volt and generally have lower prices. Not sure about NorCal.

Marci from Camino Real, may want to take of a pic of this post as could get deleted...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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