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Who Knows the BEST Lease Deal Available This MONTH on a New Volt Premier?

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What's the Best Lease Deal Available This MONTH on a New Volt Premier?
I have seen 0 Down near $300 a month in the past....NOT even close now ($370 to 420 mo now). Need 15k Miles.
I need to replace my Fusion Energi Titanium this month.
Where is the BEST Lease Deal Offered on a New Loaded Volt Premier?
Appreciate everyones Help .....I am in California....PLEASE ADVISE...
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NorCal tends have the best deals...

In DTLA was quoted Premier C1 only, $0 drive off, $328/mo out the door for 12K miles and had to qualify for the lease conquest which I believe you will...Not sure how much more 15K, C2 and ACC will add, you will still get the $1500 incentive which brings your "effective" payment down $42/mo...Marci from Camino Real, may want to take of a pic of this post as could get deleted...
Due to sponsors I didn't know if we could recommend dealers...Now I know...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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