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Who Knows the BEST Lease Deal Available This MONTH on a New Volt Premier?

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What's the Best Lease Deal Available This MONTH on a New Volt Premier?
I have seen 0 Down near $300 a month in the past....NOT even close now ($370 to 420 mo now). Need 15k Miles.
I need to replace my Fusion Energi Titanium this month.
Where is the BEST Lease Deal Offered on a New Loaded Volt Premier?
Appreciate everyones Help .....I am in California....PLEASE ADVISE...
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I think Keyes Chevy has consistently THE BEST DEALS ! But you all know I am bias.

We still offer 3000 below invoice to Forum members and have had some form of that for many years.

If you would like to come pick yours out and we can match one to the bonus list that is now available I think you will appreciate the deal. Then you can Post it on this Forum !

RicK Alpern
Keyes Chevy 818 231 1286 cell
Yes we work with Costco and Costco now includes the Volt for the winter promotion.

818 231 1286
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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