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who has a MBP warranty that will cover the hybrid system + battery ??

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who has a MBP warranty that will cover the hybrid system + battery ??

I was about to purchase this used VOLT & use APCO’s membercare.

The 3-page brochure says ELITE covers “hybrid”

thank god I confirmed that this does NOT cover the high voltage battery.

MemberCare - MemberCare - Vehicle protection & solutions for your credit union

The car is 1-owner & in good condition but I would feel better if I had coverage for the battery. It is a 2013 with 101,000 miles so the GM warranty has expired

if any1 knows of a warranty that will cover the VOLTEC system, it would be much appreciated. I expec to covers tires, brakes, etc on a car this old.

Thank you in advance,

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in case anyone was wondering
---only 31 mile range fully charged as of today.
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there is no warranty that will cover the Volt's battery other than the oem warranty or a warranty by a refurbisher like Greentec Auto.
thank you for the quick response
other than the BCM Module with gen 2, the VOLT’s batteries seem pretty reliable

I scaled down to a $1k warranty since none of their warranties were gonna cover the battery.
Lenders reluctant to lend on old chevy VOLTS ????

I am buying a chevy VOLT from a local chevrolet dealer for $10-12k.

I put $2k down but the lender insists they want more b/c they only value the car at $9k. It is a 2013 with 100,000 miles.

I was also shocked to find that no 1 has an extended warranty that will cover the VOLTEC battery.

I find this to be a shame b/c this is a great used affordable car. I have the funds & credit but I imagine this will steer other buyers away from this useful vehicle. Evs are not going to make a major changes in the market until you get can get quality used ones for $10-15k. Most car buyers do not want to pay $60-80k for some sporty EV SUV. I think the model Y is the best thing out there but I’d rather have 2 volts/bolts + solar panels for $80k.
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What is the best test to see whether the battery will die anytime soon ?
Can only GM/CHEVY dealers perform this test ?
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