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who has a MBP warranty that will cover the hybrid system + battery ??

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who has a MBP warranty that will cover the hybrid system + battery ??

I was about to purchase this used VOLT & use APCO’s membercare.

The 3-page brochure says ELITE covers “hybrid”

thank god I confirmed that this does NOT cover the high voltage battery.

MemberCare - MemberCare - Vehicle protection & solutions for your credit union

The car is 1-owner & in good condition but I would feel better if I had coverage for the battery. It is a 2013 with 101,000 miles so the GM warranty has expired

if any1 knows of a warranty that will cover the VOLTEC system, it would be much appreciated. I expec to covers tires, brakes, etc on a car this old.

Thank you in advance,

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Given that a replacement battery pack could cost $6k up to $25k and that this event will happen around years 10 to 15, the warranty would need to make enough money to cover that expense, plus profit. Think of a home fire insurance policy where the home is almost guaranteed to burn down somewhere between years 10 and 15. Few if any would insure against that fire, and if they did, it would be extremely expensive. You'd be better off self-insuring via a forced savings plan.

Expecting an automotive extended warranty to cover a near certain (and expensive) event is unrealistic. They'd want you to pay $25k or more for it to avoid going bankrupt.No way you'd pay that, hence, no warrantees like that are offered.

The Chevy Bolt EV is in the $26k -$31k range. The upcoming 1 LT Chevy Equinox EV will be in the 30k-ish range. The new Ultium-based EV's like the Equinox EV are designed to allow bad battery bricks to be replaced with new ones coming from the factory, something the Volt can't do.
Actually, after watching Sandy Munroe's tear down of the 2nd Gen Volt battery GM could indeed swap out bad modules. There are four modules that can easily be separated from each other. Also, based on that tear down, I suspect that with some care, individual battery cells can be replaced as Sandy took one of the modules apart and showed a battery cell by itself. It's just that GM sold so few Volts that it's not cost effective for them to do this level of work. I can't find this video but there are multiple youtube videos featuring the Chevy Volt's battery and how to disassemble and replace individual cells.
Sandy had a battery cell out of the module. The Volt's battery modules are actually made up of multiple blades of three cells (gen 1) and two cells (gen 2). These blades appear to be the least replaceable units in the Volt's battery and they are all identical.

Youtube video showing how these are assembled:
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