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who has a MBP warranty that will cover the hybrid system + battery ??

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who has a MBP warranty that will cover the hybrid system + battery ??

I was about to purchase this used VOLT & use APCO’s membercare.

The 3-page brochure says ELITE covers “hybrid”

thank god I confirmed that this does NOT cover the high voltage battery.

MemberCare - MemberCare - Vehicle protection & solutions for your credit union

The car is 1-owner & in good condition but I would feel better if I had coverage for the battery. It is a 2013 with 101,000 miles so the GM warranty has expired

if any1 knows of a warranty that will cover the VOLTEC system, it would be much appreciated. I expec to covers tires, brakes, etc on a car this old.

Thank you in advance,

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People keep saying "Oh, it should be EASY to replace the cells with new ones, just pop 'em open and..." and then we don't hear about anyone actually doing it. Which means either it's wildly more work than they were expecting, or wildly more expensive once they DO do the work. At this point, I wouldn't buy a BRAND NEW 10 YEAR WARRANTY for $30k, for example, because I can buy a Bolt for that, get 200 miles more range, and a free B2B warranty on a whole new car.
What is the best test to see whether the battery will die anytime soon ?
Can only GM/CHEVY dealers perform this test ?
The short answer is "we don't know." We have some things that can be watched for and checked. The most critical thing SEEMS TO BE the variation in voltage between cell groups at the bottom of the State of Charge, which can be checked by MyGreenVolt with the cell-voltage upgrade. 140mv difference causes problems. You want to see as little as possible, but you should start worrying if it's 100mv or more when the car is on, at the bottom of the charge, parked and ICE cycled off.
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