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While we wait on Volt: Choices available today

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I'm in the market for a replacement for our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The JGC is very plush and solid, but get's a miserable 12 mpg. This is a car Osama would love. I want a car Osama would hate!

But then reality sets in, there aren't alot of choices that offer a combination of (1) Fuel efficiency - also must run on biofuel (2) Roominess - Need room for my wife and two car seats (3) Safety (4) Affordability

In my search, it looks like the one vehicle that meets the grade on all four criteria is the Ford Escape Hybrid (also badged as Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute). Only problem with that is that they are scarce.

As soon as Volt is available in the southeast, I'm all over it, but until then, I need a solution.

Can anyone offer any other options for me. I'm willing to consider a crossover vehicle too.
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I was looking at the responses to your original question and none of the responses seem to really answer it. A couple questions... Do you need the size of your JGC? Are you towing? If you do, then suggestions like the Prius or a TDI aren't very helpful.

The Ford Escape is a nice car but going from a Grand Cherokee you will be sorely disapponted in the loss of roominess. Plus the hybrid version is difficult to justify price wise even with the high cost of gas.

The car that I feel best answers your 3 requirements is another JGC. But this time get the diesel, It will run great on bio, and gets an automatic 15-20% improvement in fuel efficiency over your current Jeep. The only drawback is the current price of diesel negates the saving in mpg vs. the gas model.

If you are willing to forgo the biodiesel requirement, the best car out there for roominess, safety and (relative) fuel efficency is the Ford Taurus X, or if you want used, a 2007 Ford Freestyle. It's called a crossover, but it's essentially a staion wagon. They seat 6 Adults comfortably, you can fold down flat the 3rd row for significant cargo room, and they came with side curtain airbags. the 2007 had a CVT transmission and get about 24mpg on the highway. the taurus X has a 6 speed trans and gets more like 22mpg but can tow more.
Hope it helps. matt
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