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While we wait on Volt: Choices available today

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I'm in the market for a replacement for our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The JGC is very plush and solid, but get's a miserable 12 mpg. This is a car Osama would love. I want a car Osama would hate!

But then reality sets in, there aren't alot of choices that offer a combination of (1) Fuel efficiency - also must run on biofuel (2) Roominess - Need room for my wife and two car seats (3) Safety (4) Affordability

In my search, it looks like the one vehicle that meets the grade on all four criteria is the Ford Escape Hybrid (also badged as Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute). Only problem with that is that they are scarce.

As soon as Volt is available in the southeast, I'm all over it, but until then, I need a solution.

Can anyone offer any other options for me. I'm willing to consider a crossover vehicle too.
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Well... a few weeks ago I traded my 2005 Toyota Tacoma quad cab 4x4 for a brand new 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid LOADED. I do mostly city type driving and was getting about 16mpg in the Tacoma. @ $3.45 a gallon I had had enough.

I now am getting 38mpg in the Camry and loving it :D Not to mention I got $22K in trade on the Tacoma and it was over half paid off. So I had about $12K to put down on the $32K Camry. My payment went up $4. Plus the Camry has GPS, Leather, heated seats, nice stereo, keyless everything, blue tooth, sun roof.... yada yada yada.

I really like the performance of the Camry. It's not a "rocket" but it's pretty quick, much better performance than I expected. Once you get use to finding the sweet spot in the gas pedal you can get it to run off the battery pretty much at will. All the toys are NICE!!! but I'm a techie by trade. The CVT tranny takes some getting use to after driving a stick for the past 16 years, but it performs very well. I'm VERY happy with the car so far, and a Prius it is NOT! (Prius's are Fugly) Oh... and the 2008 Camry Hybrid has a .27 or .28 drag CD too depending on who you believe too.

Now I look down the road to the Volt... I put about 8000 miles a year on my vehicles so I think I will be in a good place to trade my loaded Camry for a Volt. I think that the Volt will increase demand for all other Hybrids so I think I will get another good trade on the Camry.

As long as the Volt is under $40K I'll be all set to get one :cool: I'm rooting for GM on this big time to bring me back from the dark side. And my sister-in-law sells Toyotas so I know I can get an awesome deal any time I want there. But the Volt and the tech behind it is the future. I want to drive an American car again, and the Volt will be IT, if GM gets it done!

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