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Where's The Energizer Bunny

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You know what to bad GM couldn't get energizer to create a Lithium battery. I mention this because Nasa Has to Mars robots spirit and Opertunity that use energizer Batteries and there still going years past there life expecttancy.

Hmm Chevy Volt powered by the Bunny Keeps going and going :p

Or Chevy Volt with the Bunny inside :)
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I've gotta say I love some of the EB commercials for some reason. The newer one in the power plant is my favorite.

I replaced my laptop battery with a Li-On Duracell and must say is didn't last anywhere near as long as some of the others I've had in other laptops. Granted I abuse the heck out of them but the Duracell didn't even make it a year. Had to have it replaced under their warranty.

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