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Wheel Balance

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Hello Everyone,

Been having an annoying issue in my 17 Volt. It seemed like the tires were out of balance, I made an appointment at Discount Tire and had them rotate and balance. I can tell they made some changes due to new weights on the wheels. However, I'm still feeling the thumping or whatever you might want to call it. Just wanted to get some opinions...should I take it back and tell them that, or do you think it could be something else? I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow for the most recent recall, so if it is something the dealer should handle, I could mention it to them too. Has anyone else had this issue?

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The tire could also be out of round, in which case they can shave it to make it possible to balance (taking a few K miles with it). No matter what it is, a skilled tire shop should be able to take care of it. They should also be able to handle any warranty available from the tire manufacturer.

Do you have the OEM Michelin Energy Savers on the car?
Yes, they are the OEM's.
The Michelins come with a one year replacement warranty if the defect is in manufacturing. My suggestion would be to steer clear of "Discount" and find a reputable local tire shop. They should be able to definitively diagnose the problem, and either fix it, or work with Michelin to get you a new tire. If you were in MD I could send you to just the right place :)
Find a tire shop that has a "Road Force" balancing machine.
It's an extra step after the tire is balanced.
A roller on the tread tells how round the tire is.
Yes. They use this to balance the tire on the car. It takes a lot longer, and requires a skilled operator, but it's a lot more accurate.
twice in my driving history, both times wound up being broken or separated belts in the tire.
And the right tire shop will get that tire replaced for free if it's fairly new.
If you have bumper to bumper warranty remaining why not just have the dealer find the problem?
Tires are not covered under the car manufacturer's warranty.
But as someone else replied earlier, the OEM Michelins come with a 1 year manufacturer replacement warranty (from Michelin), so within a year, the Chevy dealer should be able to replace the tire for little more than installation costs? I guess maybe a dedicated tire shop can do the same thing though?
That was me :)

And yes, the dealer could do this, but tires are not really their "thing", and they have no interest in dealing with Michelin to get the replacement tire. Whereas a tire shop does this all the time.
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