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What's the real warranty coverage for the 110V Charge Cord?

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I have a 2012 Volt with 81,000 miles on it. My 110V charger is doing the "blown fuse" thing, no lights no matter what outlet you try.

I've seen both on the forums -- so which warranty applies to the Voltec charger that comes with the car?

My dealer won't say whether something is covered until they diagnose it. Since I have a L2 charger at home and work, I haven't taken anything in to them yet -- but holiday travel season is approaching...

If it's not a covered item, I'm not going to pay dealer prices for a replacement.

Should it be covered? Any tips on what to say or do to make the process easier?
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Bumper to bumper. Even though it has "Voltec" on it, it is NOT covered under the Voltec drivetrain warranty.

You might be able to convince a franchised dealership to replace it, and you might be able to get a Volt Advisor to get it replaced. However, it isn't covered under the extended Voltec warranty.
Not true. It's been discussed many times on here and a majority have gotten the EVSE replaced under the voltec warranty.
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