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What's the real warranty coverage for the 110V Charge Cord?

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I have a 2012 Volt with 81,000 miles on it. My 110V charger is doing the "blown fuse" thing, no lights no matter what outlet you try.

I've seen both on the forums -- so which warranty applies to the Voltec charger that comes with the car?

My dealer won't say whether something is covered until they diagnose it. Since I have a L2 charger at home and work, I haven't taken anything in to them yet -- but holiday travel season is approaching...

If it's not a covered item, I'm not going to pay dealer prices for a replacement.

Should it be covered? Any tips on what to say or do to make the process easier?
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Today the ground prong from my EVSE broke off in the garage outlet. I've had this charger (all black model) since buying my 2013 Volt 3.5 years ago. Does anybody know if the EVSE would be covered under the warranty for this issue? If it's not covered, is this type of problem fixable?
Just pick up a replacement plug: . There is even a video showing how easy . . . they do confuse things a bit by using a different plug with an extra wire.

Thanks for video. Looks simple, but I'll probably enlist the help of a friend who knows more about wiring. I'll try it though, thanks!

I'm guessing that it broke from 3.5 years of wear, even though I've always treated the charger with great care, never letting it hang from the outlet :) I've always rested the charger on a table right next to the outlet.
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