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What to do with existing GM vehicles?

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I have never purchased a new car in my life. I believe I know two people that actually have done so. My suggestion to GM is to either start a conversion program or partner with a company or various companies around the country and provide and train them with the know how to convert any GM car that has been built since 2000 into an EREV and access to the batteries that will be used in the Volt. GM could charge a fee to be GM certified in the conversion, it would increase local business, provide an alternative stream of income for the corporation by the certification process and resale of the batteries. This would also allow GM to reach a market that the Volt will not be able to and they will likely not be able to reach through used sales of future E-Flex/EREV lines for 5-10 years.

Those of us who are only able or willing to pay 12-15k for a vehicle could do so through this program by finding a good used vehicle and doing a ~10k conversion.