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Thanks everyone for your inputs. I had some issues with the site so I registered with a new user id (you might see the same question posted under a different name)

So they got back to me and offered a $16k buyout. I counter offered for 13, lol - let's see what they say. KBB shows 2014 Volts @ 55,000 miles valued at 11-12k.

tripowergto 2010 - Yikes, yes they do! I thought that would make them want to offer a lower price.

JoeMap - yes, I love the car and I've taken really good care of it! True about that $5k - which is why I'm factoring it in the price offer they've given me.

GMEV2 - No, inspection not carried out yet. No damage to the car at all - no dings, scratches, nothing. (surprisingly)

llninja - thanks.. will keep everyone posted!
On a buyout they normally won't require an inspection.
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