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What is your best range on single charge (no hypermiling)

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I'm just wondering what the best range is that people have gotten with their Gen 2.

I understand that the EPA states 85km (sorry, I'm Canadian :)) and that is based on ideal conditions.

My commute is 70kms 1 way, 99% highway.

With my drive this morning the conditions were: 10 degrees C (did not use the climate control, heated seats nor steering wheel), cruise control set at 100 kms/hr, so the only condition that was not "ideal" was the speed that I was driving. Head lights were also on.

When I arrived to my destinaton, the guess-o-meter stated that I had 27 kms of EV range left, meaning that I could have driven 97 kms strictly electric.

I am very impressed. Clearly, I would get well over 100 kms if I was city driving, or perhaps even rural (80 km/hr).

Already owning another electric drive (Smart Fortwo), I know that winter wreaks havoc with the range. Hopefully, with the heating / cooling of the battery while remaining plugged in, I can still manage to get my 70km commute on electric even having to use the heat / climate control.

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All these are great numbers. GM must use them to promote more Volt sales. BTW, most of us are technically trained so we can read and understand Metric as well as Imperial. The "Watt" and the "Joule" can both be express in Metric, too. If I could, I would insist that the United States fully enter the Metric system because even the United Kingdom, where the Imperial system was born, are converting to Metric. There are only three nations that still use Imperial:

Here in Puerto Rico we use mostly the Metric as a past Spanish colony (from 1493 to 1898), buying gasoline and milk in liters, and marking distances in kilometers with all exits marked as so. My home is at exit 13 (13 kilometers from San Juan) of Highway #22.

Yet no one mentions Km per liter, but cars are sold using MPG.
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