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What is your best range on single charge (no hypermiling)

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I'm just wondering what the best range is that people have gotten with their Gen 2.

I understand that the EPA states 85km (sorry, I'm Canadian :)) and that is based on ideal conditions.

My commute is 70kms 1 way, 99% highway.

With my drive this morning the conditions were: 10 degrees C (did not use the climate control, heated seats nor steering wheel), cruise control set at 100 kms/hr, so the only condition that was not "ideal" was the speed that I was driving. Head lights were also on.

When I arrived to my destinaton, the guess-o-meter stated that I had 27 kms of EV range left, meaning that I could have driven 97 kms strictly electric.

I am very impressed. Clearly, I would get well over 100 kms if I was city driving, or perhaps even rural (80 km/hr).

Already owning another electric drive (Smart Fortwo), I know that winter wreaks havoc with the range. Hopefully, with the heating / cooling of the battery while remaining plugged in, I can still manage to get my 70km commute on electric even having to use the heat / climate control.

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This was the best I did recently while drive home from work. All highway 65mph using cruise.
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