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So, I took my 2012 Volt into the dealer for its 2nd oil change (35K miles) and tire rotation. The dealer told me that there are two warranty services needed. 1. The battery coolant check and 2. Power Module reprogramming.

I have heard of the first one. In fact, it was addressed last year by the same dealer before GM had the service note. But the dealer decided to do it again since it is covered by GM. (I guess that is how dealer makes money).

But the second one puzzles me. I haven't heard anything about it. Does anyone know what is that about? I didn't know that Volt power inverters or control modules need reprogramming...

Anyway, now I feel like that my 2012 Volt is slightly slower in the Sports mode and slightly faster in the Normal mode. Maybe I am imagining things...

Does anyone know anything about it?

Sorry for posting this if this information is already covered in another thread. I didn't find anything on it.

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